Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Koena to do a bisexual role in Hollywood

Koena Mitra to make Hollywood debut in a film that sees her romantically involved with both a man and a woman!

Koena Mitra was in the USA, scouting for work and also prepping herself for her Hollywood project titled Story of Naomi where she plays the central character, who romances both sexes.

Ask her what took her so long to get a break and she replies, "I spent a lot of time on my accent classes and other training.

Unlike India, the West lays a lot of stress on dubbing and other technical aspects."

Producer Michael Hirshenson explains why he chose Mitra. "She looks international and her discipline and hard work can take her places. It all depends on how much she's ready to learn."

No details

Koena remains tightlipped, adding, "I can't really talk much about the storyline. But I don't mind dating any one on screen as long as they are good-looking."

Directed by fashion photographer Ash Gupta and produced by Michael Hirshenson (Harry Met Sally, Princess Bride), the film stars Koena and Kevin Sorbo (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys).


Koena Mitra has...

Had a milkshake named after her

Attended the Teen Choice and American Music Awards

Been seen on the red carpet of Hollywood premieres



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