Monday, April 18, 2011


My Name is Marie Elizabeth Lao. I am 25 and born and bread in Newport, South Wales. I am a self-employed dance teacher. I have the best job, which I absolutely adore. It has given me many opportunities to travel around Great Britain meeting new people and making many friends. I achieved many prestigious dance championship titles such as the Welsh Champion and The Champion of the North before opening my school and I hope to inspire my pupils. The school has grown year after year and now has some of the best dancers in Great Britain winning masses of titles throughout all ages and abilities. I am hoping to open my own studio in the coming years to continue with the schools growth and sustain its success. When I am not busy teaching, I enjoy baking cakes. Although I haven't quite mastered the skill yet, I enjoy learning and often make cakes to help fundraise towards the dance trips. I also enjoy working out at the gym and socialising with my friends and family and also volunteer for local community groups when I have spare time. I am an enthusiastic bubbly passionate hardworking women and I cannot wait to take part in Miss Universe GB. It is something i have always wanted to do and I feel very honoured to have the opportunity to be apart of it this year.

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